Horse Urine in Your Birth Control? Yum.

Sunday, October 9, 2011 - 03:00

Yes, I said it. The hormones in your birth control, such as Premarin, may be extracted from horse urine. Truth be told, many birth control pills are now made out of synthetic estrogen and progestin. By pumping these hormones into your body you are inhibiting ovulation of your eggs. Once I really thought about this, I asked myself, "well what happens to my naturally made estrogen and progestin?" By consuming these synthetic hormones, your body naturally gets accustomed to having these hormones and will balance itself out with a dependence on the synthetic fake stuff. This miracle pill that keeps babies at bay doesn't sound so good anymore.... Messing with your hormones is like playing russian roulette with your health. I've personally experienced hair loss when I went off oral contraceptives, along with thousands of other women. Even though that's not a life or death side effect, hair loss has immeasurable effects on one's confidence, self esteem, self image and happiness. May sound silly, but until you've experienced it, you may not understand it. 

Even though there are detrimental side effects of birth control on one's health, it has provided so much for women and their independence. It is a discrete way in which millions of women have taken control over their bodies. Just beware before you immediately put your 15 year old daughter on the pill to help her acne or staying on it for years while you're not sexually active. There are also many other contraceptive options that don't put synthetic hormones into your body.



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